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Amethyst Valentine's Silver Jewelry Collection - Pure Whimsy Jewelry

Amethyst Valentine's Silver Jewelry Collection

The Amethyst Valentine's Silver Jewelry Collection is a heartfelt tribute to the bonds between two souls—be they lovers, friends, or kindred spirits. Crafted with love for Valentine's Day, each piece symbolizes the beautiful connection shared by two individuals.

At the core of every design lies the captivating Amethyst which symbolizes clarity, peace, and inner strength, infusing each piece with its serene energy. Paired with its counterpart stone, these pieces embody the unity and closeness of two hearts.

Some pieces use a special technique where one stone sits delicately upon another stone, showcasing the unity and togetherness between two souls. Handmade with Argentium sterling silver, each piece is a unique expression of meaningful relationships.

Every item in this collection is handmade and either small batch or one-of-a-kind.

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