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Everything You Want to Know About Moonstone

Everything You Want to Know About Moonstone - Pure Whimsy Jewelry

Moonstone is a magical gemstone to bring into your life. If you are someone who craves a little more goddess or femine energy, wants to stay tuned to the bigger picture, and who may need a little extra help when it comes to embracing positive energy around change, the Moonstone could be just the gem to bring radiant light into your life.

Moonstone is a beautiful and mysterious gemstone that has been highly valued throughout history for its unique properties and appearance. Here is everything you might want to know about Moonstone crystal:

What is moonstone

Moonstone is a variety of the mineral feldspar, with a unique sheen or "schiller" caused by light scattering between layers of feldspar. It is typically white, grey, or blue in color, and can be translucent or opaque.

Where Moonstone is found

Moonstone is found in many parts of the world, including India, Sri Lanka, Madagascar, Tanzania, and the United States. The best-known sources of high-quality moonstone are in Sri Lanka and India.

The different types of moonstone

There are several types of moonstone, including rainbow moonstone, blue moonstone, and peach moonstone. Rainbow moonstone is the most common type and is named for its iridescent colors, which can include blue, green, pink, and yellow.

Known for its soothing energy and ability to restore balance, the rainbow moonstone is not only lovely to look at but incredibly powerful too. People say that having this gemstone is like carrying around a rainbow in your pocket because of the hope and optimism it brings.


Properties of moonstone

It is the gemstone of Inward Vision:

Full of feminine energy

A tool for divine wisdom

Popular in spiritual healing

Like the great glowing anchor of the sky, the magic of the Moonstone enchants us with its bright feminine energy, its tide-like tug, and its promise of cyclical change. For centuries, the moon has been a symbol of the goddess spirit, hanging like an orb above our heads. The Moonstone captures all this magic and more.

It is believed to have many healing properties and metaphysical benefits, including balancing emotions, promoting intuition and spiritual awareness, and enhancing creativity and self-expression. It is also said to be helpful for fertility and reproductive health.

Caring for moonstone

Moonstone is a relatively soft stone, so it should be handled with care to avoid scratches and damage. That’s why you’ll want to exercise caution when wearing a moonstone ring and consider taking it off when working with your hands around the house or playing sports.It is also sensitive to heat and chemicals, so it should be kept away from high temperatures, and harsh cleaning products. To clean moonstone, simply wipe it gently with a soft cloth or simply use warm (not hot) water with a mild soap to cleanse. You can even use a soft bristled brush if necessary. Then, simply dry with a soft cloth.

Overall, moonstone is a fascinating and versatile crystal that has been cherished for centuries for its beauty and healing properties.

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