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How to Keep Your Necklace Chain Clasp in Back

How to Keep Your Necklace Chain Clasp in Back - Pure Whimsy Jewelry

Keeping It Classy: Best Ways to Keep Your Necklace Chain Clasp in the Back

There's nothing more frustrating than when you're wearing a beautiful necklace, and the clasp keeps making an unsightly appearance in the front. Not only does it disrupt the aesthetic of your jewelry, but it can also be a constant annoyance. Fortunately, there are several ingenious ways to keep your necklace chain clasp in the back, ensuring that your jewelry always looks its best. 

If you already have a store-bought necklace with a simple lobster or spring clasp and want to prevent it from coming forward, there are a few effective methods you can try:

 1. Chain Extender: 

These handy little accessories add extra length to your necklace, and usually have a decorative bead or tag at the end that adds weight. You can easily attach the extender to your necklace's existing clasp, and voila! Your necklace will stay where it belongs whether you use it to extend your necklace or not.

Check out Pure Whimsy Jewlery"s Chain extender that is also a necklace de-tangler (keeps layered necklaces from tangling). 

Watch video to see how it it works

2. Employ a Rubber Band or Clear Hair Elastic:

Wrap a small, clear rubber band or a clear hair elastic around the clasp and the last link of your necklace chain. Make sure it's tight enough to provide friction but not too tight to damage the chain. This method will create resistance, making it more difficult for the clasp to move forward.

3. Use a Necklace Holder or Decorative Pin:

Attach a small necklace holder or a decorative pin to the back of your shirt or dress, and fasten your necklace clasp to it. This way, the clasp is anchored to your clothing, preventing it from sliding forward. Choose a holder or pin that complements your outfit to add a touch of style.

4. Attach a Bead with a Head Pin:

Thread a small, decorative bead onto wire head pin,Pass the wire through the last link of your necklace chain, create a loop (wrap wire around itself above the bead). Attach the lobster clasp to the loop and secure it tightly. The bead and wire will add weight, preventing the clasp from moving forward.

5. Attach a Small Pendant or Charm:

Add a small pendant or charm to the last link of your necklace chain, just above the clasp. You will do this with a jump ring. The weight of the pendant will help to keep the clasp in place. Choose a pendant or charm that complements the necklace's design for a cohesive look.

6. Use a Small Rubber O-Ring:

Slide a small rubber O-ring over the clasp and onto the chain. Position it close to the clasp, creating a barrier that prevents the clasp from sliding forward. Rubber O-rings are readily available at hardware stores and come in various sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit for your necklace.

7. Secure with a Tiny Hair Clip:

Use a small, decorative hair clip or bobby pin to attach the clasp to the back of your clothing. Slide the clasp onto the hair clip, and then secure the clip to the inside of your collar or neckline. Ensure the clip is small and lightweight, so it remains discreet and comfortable to wear.

8. Utilize a Clear Necklace Backer:

A clear necklace backer is a small, transparent plastic or silicone accessory designed to keep necklaces in place. It attaches to the back of your neck and has slots or hooks where you can secure the clasp. The clear material ensures it remains inconspicuous, allowing your necklace to appear as if it's magically staying in place.

These methods provide practical and inventive ways to keep your store-bought necklace clasps where they belong! Experiment with these techniques to find the one that suits your necklace style and personal preference, allowing you to wear your jewelry confidently and comfortable.