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How Pure Whimsy Jewelry Gives Back. Supporting Save Ak Spots

How Pure Whimsy Jewelry Gives Back. Supporting Save Ak Spots - Pure Whimsy Jewelry

The outdoor, natural places have provided me, and so many of you, with peace, calm, and joy, and are an important part of your everyday life. So it became important to me to help to preserve such places.


 As a very small solo-art-preneur I’ve wanted to donate a percentage of my direct sales to another small, non-profit organization that I believe in.


A while back I came across Rally AK (totally can’t remember if they found me or I found them, but it was meant to be). From there I found Save AK Spots (SAS), the small, local (everything in Alaska is sort of local) non-profit to support! 


I am so thrilled to donate a portion of my direct sales quarterly to Save AK Spots (SAS).


So here is a bit about SAS and also Rally AK, the founder and huge supporter of SAS:


Save AK Spots (SAS) is a nonprofit organization on a mission to positively impact Alaska’s future environmental health through focused funding for trash solutions for the rivers, lakes, lands, and everything in between. Staying with Save AK Spots' desire to positively impact the future of AK, they also fund youth outreach programs, educating Alaska’s youth on the importance of preserving the environment. This is an essential part of their mission.


Rally AK, another small business, is an apparel company on a mission to improve the environmental health of Alaska through designs that encourage Alaskans to do the things they love and enjoy "the AK Way" by handling trash disposal responsibly. Rally AK believes united Alaskans are the key to having a lasting impact on Alaska's environment which is what lead them to start a reform movement dubbed, the AK Way Revolution. Last but not least with every transaction, a percentage is donated to help fund Save AK Spots, and AK Way youth programs that connect kids to this Last Frontier and focus on ways to help Alaska's environmental health.

To learn more, visit

You can now purchase this SAS pendant and %100 of the profits will go to SAS. Contact me or Katy at SAS if you’d like to order.